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Gardens by the Bay,I’m Coming!

Singapore is indeed one of the most favorite tourist destinations from various parts of the world. Besides having a neat city order, this developed country also has beautiful skyscrapers. The proof that Singapore is a modern developed country is the Gardens by the Bay. Have you heard of Gardens by the Bay?

Gardens by The Bay has nearly 15 million plants with more than 158,000 plants growing to an area of 101 hectares. Gardens by the Bay Singapore has also received numerous awards and the most prestigious is, Guinness World Record for the category of “Largest Greenhouse”. This experience will be a great thing, coupled with the ease of buying Gardens by the Bay entrance tickets that you can buy online through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

There are a lot of attractions in the Gardens by the Bay, all you need is to choose which one will suit your taste. This is also great for family bonding, dating for two, and strengthening connections among your circle of friends.

Cloud Forest

A visit to the Cloud Forest is like stepping out of the jungle and into the new realm of mountains. Here, you can learn and acquire knowledge about rare plants that are fast disappearing. You can take in the view of the mountain, which is surrounded by the diverse vegetation and floral gems that disappear into the puffy white clouds.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes

The Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes have a glimmer that will leave you in utter amazement. The lakes are rich in sources of aquatic life from different species. Take a stroll along the 440-meter boardwalk of Dragonfly Lake to discover more about our ecosystem.

OCBC Skyway

Reach for the stars in the OCBC Skyway as you get an up-close look at the Supertrees in the garden. Walk along the 128 meter-long area like no other. Since it is 22 meters above the ground, the OCBC Skyway is a popular attraction of all ages as you immerse yourself in the heart of nature. During the day, the OCBC Skyway is such a picturesque sight with its surrounding flora. Don’t miss the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show that comes alive during the evening.

Supertree Grove

Stand in amazement in the Supertree Grove. These are specifically designed vertical gardens with an impressive height of 25 to 50 meters tall. These towering beauties also come with large canopies that provide shade from the sun, and come alive with the display of light and sound at night. These one-of-a-kind trees are 16 storeys in height and can be found all around the Gardens. The OCBC Skyway links a couple of Supertrees at the Supertree Grove that provide you a fresh and brand new perspective of the Gardens. You can also relax and have fun in the 50-meter Supertree-top bistro perfect with its panoramic views of the Gardens and Marina Bay area.

Flower Dome

Entice your nose as you step into the Flower Dome where unique plants flourish in the constantly changing showcase of beautiful flowers. Discover different kinds of plants all around the globe, from the Mediterranean to the subtropical regions. It serves as the home to hundreds of plants from deserted landscapes from all corners of the world, as it displays the adaptations of plants and flowers to arid environments.

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